Lab 10 - The Ideal Gas Law Introduction The volume of a gas depends on the pressure as well as the temperature of the gas. Therefore, a relation between these quantities and the mass of a gas gives valuable information about the physical nature of the system. Such a relationship is referred to as the equation of state.
The AP Biology Lab 5 uses respirometry techniques to calculate the rate of oxygen consumption (cellular respiration) in germinating pea seeds. The effect of temperature and whether a seed has broken dormancy are quantified and graphed. The ideal gas law and its concepts are reviewed and applied.
Mar 20, 2017 · Avogadro's law states that, equal volumes of all gases, at the same temperature and pressure, have the same number of molecules. If you change the size of the container without adding or subtracting molecules you will end up changing either the temperature or the pressure of the gas, or both.
These are Ideal Gas Law problems and these are both Combined Gas Laws and Ideal Gas Law Problems. This worksheet is a review of all the gas laws. Have students try this "Gas Laws Magic Square" . Do this Gas Laws crossword puzzle or try this "Gases" crossword with answers. Or try this Gas Law wordsearch puzzle with answers .